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Fax: +36-1-437-8122
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The MultiCom Ltd was established in 1991.

The technical staff of the company has high level professional experience and knowledge in the development and manufacturing of different electronic devices especially on the field of radio communications.
Our company has developed several radiocommunication systems, devices and software for different purposes using up to date components and technology. The most of these products were developed for voice transmission, telemetry and security applications. Our product range is very wide, covering  many segment of the wireless and security field.

The owners of the company are Hungarians.

Company staff
·     7 engineers
·     2 technicians
·     2 skilled employees,

Field of activity:

·      Development, manufacturing and installation of radiotelephone, security and telemetry systems
·      Development and manufacturing of GSM-GPS based car security and fleet management devices
·      Development and manufacturing of devices for telemetry and data transmission
·      Development, manufacturing and installation of  multichannel trunked radiotelephone systems
·      Home security products
·      Development and manufacturing of passive components, like high frequency filters, isolators, transmitter combiners, branching systems        and antennas for VHF and UHF frequencies.
·     Customer-specific hardware and software developments 

Product list:
Duplex filter for Hytera RD965 (downloadable datasheet)   Duplexer installation (downloadable)
Duplex filter for Hytera RD 985 

Duplexer installation
4 ch. Cavity Transmitter Combiner for VHF frequency bands 
4-8 ch. Receiver Multicoupler with filter for VHF frequency band